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The CPAP Global Politics Workshop is unlike student lectures offered by CPAP and other organisations. The workshop is designed to be interactive, with the ability for students to quiz the facilitator, along with the provision of exercises to both stimulate students and improve their ability to correctly interpret questions, avoid the mistakes of past students and write efficient and concise responses that will impress the assessors.  The facilitator has developed expertise in VCE Global Politics identifying those issues that are relevant and important to students preparing for their examination.  Common problems areas will be clarified, relevant past exam questions will be explored, and possible questions for the 2018 examination will be analysed. Students will be shown how to simplify or ‘unpack’ difficult questions, minimising the risk of ‘straying’ or ‘rambling’ in the examination, and will be provided with strategies to help deliver concise and accurate responses that impress the assessors. If you are a student aiming for a 40+, but require that extra ‘something’, then this workshop could be the key! All participants will be provided with morning tea and refreshments.

Adam Brodie-McKenzie completed a Bachelor of Law/Arts (Hons) at the Australian National University, with a major in International Relations and specialisation in International Law for his Law Degree. He teaches VCE Global Politics and Legal Studies at the University High School. Adam is also the interschool debating coordinator and sub-school coordinator at the school. He is an experienced VCAA Examination Assessor for Global Politics and part of the panel considering amendments to the Global Politics Study Design. As well as being actively involved within his school, Adam works with other organisations to support teachers and students in learning by presenting at conferences, writing practice exams and conducting workshops on Global Politics.

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Lunch and refreshments provided to participants

What is the difference between the workshops and exam prep lectures?

“Just generally excellent, felt a tad long but overall it did not matter as the day continued to hold our interest.” James Robinson Wesley College

“Incredibly useful information provided. Really enjoyed writing sample answers and the evaluation process. Tips were helpful and I feel more prepared now. Lecturer was clear and venue was appropriate.” R Phalange

“Excellent way to engage students rather than just sitting and listening, loved the questions and the approach to involving us in the days learning.” Student Killester College.

“Presenter was extremely helpful and inspired further learning and knowledge development of the subject and insight into exam technique.” Student St Leonards College

“This workshop not only helped me gain a better understanding of the GP course content we have learnt through the year but to remember and revise it, along with many useful approaches to tackling end of year exam questions. I found the day very beneficial.” Student Firbank Grammar School


24 SEPT 2018

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