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Research proves that those students attending one or more revision/exam preparation programs significantly enhance their examination performance.

CPAP presenters have years of experience as teachers and examination assessors.  They have developed expertise in preparing students for examinations and have an excellent understanding of what is required to prepare responses that are both concise and efficient.  Avoid time wasting and ineffective preparation by enrolling in a CPAP program and learning from the best.

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During 2018, CPAP will provide mid-year programs in the subjects of Accounting, Business Management, Economics and Legal Studies. In addition, Course Revision and Exam Preparation programs will be held at Victoria University in September and October.  The lecture programs run for three hours (+ a 30 minute optional question and answer session) presented exclusively by experienced teachers who have years of experience assessing final examinations. The course revision programs will provide a comprehensive summary of the entire Unit 3 and 4 courses, helping to ensure that students possess the required knowledge for the examination. The exam preparation programs are designed to show students how to apply their knowledge of course in the examination. This will include emphasis on the common errors to avoid, tips and tricks for students to employ and strategies to write concise responses. All participants are provided with extensive notes.

CPAP also run a small number of one day intensive workshops that are unlike other programs offered elsewhere. Participants will be directed through a series of engaging ‘hands on’ activities designed to enhance examination performance. This includes the preparation and analysis of sample responses, exercises to unpack the most difficult parts of the course, and strategies to incorporate relevant and contemporary information into examination responses. The overriding emphasis in each workshop is to guide students through a process that helps them to apply their knowledge in the examination in the most efficient and effective way. Students are provided with extensive opportunities to quiz experienced examination assessors and all participants are provided with lunch and refreshments.

All 3.5 hour CPAP lecture programs are reasonably priced at only $50 per person and the one day intensive workshops are priced at $110 for the day (includes lunch and refreshments)

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