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The CPAP Business Management Workshop is unlike student lectures offered by CPAP and other organisations. The workshop is designed to be interactive, with the ability for students to quiz Matt, along with the provision of exercises to both stimulate students and improve their ability to correctly interpret questions, avoid the mistakes of past students and write efficient and concise responses that will impress the assessors.  Our facilitator has developed expertise in VCE Business Management identifying those issues that are relevant and important to students preparing for their examination.  Common problems areas will be clarified, relevant past exam questions will be explored, and possible questions for the 2019 examination will be analysed. Students will be shown how to simplify or ‘unpack’ difficult questions, minimising the risk of ‘straying’ or ‘rambling’ in the examination, and will be provided with strategies to help deliver concise and accurate responses that impress the assessors. If you are a student aiming for a 40+, but require that extra ‘something’, then this workshop could be the key! All participants will be provided with morning tea and refreshments.

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Matt Richardson (B.A., Dip Ed) is an experienced teacher of Business Management and is currently the Humanities Leader and a senior Business Management teacher at Ballarat High School. Matt was a member of the VCAA Business Management Review Panel and has over 10 years of experience as a Business Management examination assessor. He has also sat on the VCE Business Management exam panel as an Examination Vetter. Matt has presented PD sessions for Business Management teachers at Comview, the annual VCTA conference, and has contributed articles to the VCTA’s journal Compak. Matt is the co-author of ‘Key Concepts in VCE Business Management Units 3&4’ and is also the co-author of the CPAP Business Management Quarterly Updates.

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Lunch and refreshments provided to participants

What is the difference between the workshops and exam prep lectures?

"Overall was a very good workshop. I can walk away a little more prepared for the upcoming exam, with new ways of answering questions and revision techniques."

Student St Monica's College

" I gained a lot from this workshop, we were encouraged to be involved, it was not predominantly about course revision but a large emphasis on question answering under exam conditions in preparation for the end of year exam. Much better than ……..[company name deleted] "

Student Buckley Park College

It was a great workshop that contained broad information that contributes to deeper consideration in exam

questions in a short time. I really enjoyed it!

Jiaxin Sun Wesley College

"The workshop was extremely helpful and it was well worth the money." Joshua Drakeford Tintern Schools.

"Unlike any other program I attended this year.  Very engaging and worthwhile.  I am much more confident about the exam."

Student Melbourne High School

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24 SEPT 2019

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