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The CPAP Economics Workshop is unlike student lectures offered by CPAP and other organisations. The workshop is designed to be interactive, with the ability for students to quiz the facilitator(s), along with the provision of exercises to both stimulate students and improve their ability to correctly interpret questions, avoid the mistakes of past students and write efficient and concise responses that will impress the assessors.  The facilitator(s) have developed expertise in VCE Economics identifying those issues that are relevant and important to students preparing for their examination.  Common problems areas will be clarified, relevant past exam questions will be explored, and possible questions for the 2019 examination will be analysed. Students will be shown how to simplify or ‘unpack’ difficult questions, minimising the risk of ‘straying’ or ‘rambling’ in the examination, and will be provided with strategies to help deliver concise and accurate responses that impress the assessors. If you are a student aiming for a 40+, but require that extra ‘something’, then this workshop could be the key! All participants will be provided with morning tea and refreshments.

Romeo Salla completed Honours and Masters degrees in Commerce (Economics major) at the University of Melbourne before moving to Canberra to work as an Economist with the Commonwealth Department of Treasury. After a few years he was promoted within the federal bureaucracy to the position of Senior Economist with the Industry Commission (now Productivity Commission). Since 1996 he has been employed as a Senior Teacher and Head of Faculty at large private schools in Melbourne, and currently teaches VCE and IB Economics at Geelong Grammar School. He has held positions of responsibility with the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) as an examination assessor since 1996 and was the long standing Economics editor on the VCTA website (ComNET). Mr Salla is also the founder of the website as well as the popular smartphone app ‘economicstutor’, has contributed to various publications and regularly presents to economics teachers and students on behalf of the VCTA. Romeo is the author of the CPAP Study Guide to VCE Economics, co-author of Monumental Humanities 3 (Cambridge), and co-author of the VCE Economics texts ‘Economic Fundamentals in Australia’ and ‘Economics: from the ground up’. He is also the writer of CPAP Economics assessment tasks and the practice examination.

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Lunch and refreshments provided to participants

What is the difference between the workshops and exam prep lectures?

“Fantastic presentation full of valuable advice and information. Great interaction with us through the day with options to ask questions and receive comprehensive answers from an experienced presenter. Course overview is brief but that is evidently not the focus of the program but rather discussing the end of year exam, techniques and tips to try and improve our score.

A Chisolm McKinnon Secondary College.

“Most worthwhile, plenty of in depth and thought provoking examples and detailed instructions on how to best tackle exam questions. Much more than surface level course revision. I would not hesitate to recommend it.”

Student Melbourne High School.

“ I enjoyed having only a brief overview of the course and the fact that it was a more specific day to focus on the end of year exam. I already know the course and wanted to focus on mastering the exam and the workshop was perfect for this. An engaging day which I believe will enhance my exam performance.”

A Clydesdale Beaconhills College Pakenham

“ An engaging and interactive day despite it being a little long. Brief course content overview and main focus on exam advice and approach to answering questions. Exceptional knowledge by the presenter.”

Student Thomas Carr College

“I found this workshop a fantastic form of preparation for the exam. The presenter was very knowledgeable and engaging with great exam advice, tips and sample responses.”                                                      Student Thomas Carr College

“High quality revision material and advice. Had not received any like it previously.The comprehensive analysis of each exam from previous years in regards to which topics from the course they contained were extremely helpful. Also the focus on the most difficult questions , I found was a great approach and beneficial way to revise.”

Adriana Chipman  Casey Grammar


26 SEPT 2019

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