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The CPAP quarterly updates are provided in the subjects of Legal Studies, Business Management, Economics and Global Politics. They are designed to provide teachers and students with a summary of the recent developments that have taken place in each of these dynamic subject areas.  The CPAP Updates supplement the relevant texts and facilitate  a more contemporary understanding of each course.  In particular, the CPAP updates will focus on the key knowledge points within each area of study for each subject, providing greater focus for teachers & students.  

The first Update will be distributed during the week commencing Monday the 13th of February and will incorporate the latest developments relating to the key knowledge points for AOS 1 in Unit 3. (In the case of Bus Man and Legal, the first update will incorporate AOS 1 and 2).  The second Update will be delivered during week commencing 18 April and will incorporate the latest developments relating to the key knowledge points for AOS 2/3 in Unit 3.  The same format will be applied for Unit 4, with Update 3 due in the week commencing 26 June and Update 4 in the week commencing 31 July

Each update will conclude with review questions and an application exercise, making them an excellent resource for teachers & students.  Delivered electronically, there is no time (or resources) wasted photocopying a class set, and the Updates provide a perfect opportunity to provide core or extension work that consolidates student understanding of each AOS.  The CPAP updates will provide essential SAC and exam preparation material for students.  Download a preview/sample copy of past updates below:

Legal studies Update 1 2013     Bus Man Update 1 2013     Economics  Update 1 2013     Global Politics Update 1 2013    

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