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All CPAP practice examinations are written by experienced VCE teachers who have had years of experience as examination assessors.  All exams are prepared ‘from scratch’ every year to ensure that teachers have access to practice assessment material that is both contemporary and challenging. Our writers use their knowledge of past examinations, as well as any recent developments, to produce the highest quality examination papers complete with solutions/answers and advice. The Unit 3/4 examinations are prepared with the express purpose of providing a reliable indication of the external VCAA examinations in each subject. Two distinct Unit 3/4 examinations are published for each subject and our writers are instructed to focus on different areas of the Study Design in each examination.  This helps to ensure that the entire course for each subject is more completely covered by both 3/4 CPAP examinations.   

Units 1 and 3* exams are distributed in late April, Unit 2 exams in late August and Unit 3/4 examination papers are distributed in early August.  The examination papers are priced at $66 (Units 1, 2 and 3) and $72 (Units 3/4).   

[* Unit 3 exams were introduced in 2015 following numerous requests from schools running mid-year exams for Unit 3/4 students]

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Unit 1 Exams

Monday 22 April  

Unit 3 Exams

Monday 22 April  

Unit 3/4 Exams

Monday 5 August  

Unit 2 Exams

Monday 19  August


2019 EXAMS

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